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The IUBMB publications portfolio

Publishing has a central value for the IUBMB. There are two fundamental reasons for scientific publishing: the principle scope is the one defined in the mission of the IUBMB: "The Mission of the IUBMB is to foster and support the growth and advancement of biochemistry and molecular biology as the foundation from which the biomolecular sciences derive their basic ideas and techniques in the service of mankind." In the present society growth and advancement of biochemistry and molecular biology are supported by the educational content of publications and require publications to be verified. Whether publications are paper publications or electronic ones is not very much relevant in terms of basic principle. The almost established paradigm that developing countries can only be accessed by free electronic publishing is partly true and will hold perfectly when sufficiently capable hardware will be made available to developing countries. The second reason that makes publishing important for the IUBMB is the limited, although important, income obtained from publications. This revenue is utilized to support fellowships, schools, symposia, conferences special meetings and congresses, all activities central to the mission of the IUBMB.

Member for Publications

Prof. Avadhesha Surolia
Molecular Biophysics Unit
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012

Phone: +91 8023602763/ +91 8022932714
e-mail: surolia[at]mbu.iisc.ernet[dot]in