Executive Committee

Executive committee

All members of the IUBMB Executive Committee serve on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration
*The Officers of the Union

Alexandra Newton

Alexandra Newton*

University of California San Diego | USA

Dario Alessi

Dario Alessi*

University of Dundee | UK

Andrew H.-J. Wang

Andrew H.-J. Wang*

Academia Sinica | Taiwan

M. Iqbal Parker

M. Iqbal Parker*

General Secretary
University of Cape Town |
South Africa

Loredano Pollegioni

Loredano Pollegioni*

University of Insubria – Varese | Italy

Prof. Ilona Concha Grabinger Display Image

Ilona Concha Grabinger

Member for Congresses and Focused Meetings
Universidad Austral de Chile | Chile

Zengyi Chang

Member for Publications
Peking University | China

LIM Yang Mooi

LIM Yang Mooi

Member for Education and Training
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman | Malaysia

IUBMB Ambassadors

Francis Amara

Francis Amara

Ambassador for Africa
University of Manitoba | Canada

Terry Piva

Terry Piva

Ambassador for FAOBMB
RMIT University | Australia

Brianna Bibel

Brianna Bibel

Trainee Ambassador
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | USA


Charysse Austria

Charysse Austria



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