Education and Training Committee

The IUBMB Education and Training Committee provides sponsorship and leadership for activities designed to strategically improve education in biochemistry and molecular biology at all levels and to develop the knowledge and skills of educators. The Committee encourages applications and involvement from members of IUBMB Adhering Bodies, Associated Adhering Bodies and Regional organisations.

Members of the IUBMB Education Committee

Janet Macaulay

Janet Macaulay (Chair)

Monash University | Australia

Trevor Anderson

Trevor Anderson

Purdue University | USA

Manuel Costa

Manuel Costa

University of Minho | Portugal

Gül Güner-Akdogan

Gül Güner-Akdoğan

Izmir University of Economics | Turkey

Phillip A. Ortiz

Philip A. Ortiz

The State University of New York | USA

Prof. Ferhan G. Sağin

Ferhan G. Sağin

Ege University | Turkey

Gracia Fe B. Yu

Gracia Fe B. Yu

University of the Philippines Manila | Philippines

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