Trends in Biochemical Sciences

TIBS_July 2023

For over 40 years, Trends in Biochemical Sciences (TIBS) has kept readers up to date on recent advances across all disciplines of biochemistry and molecular biology. Through monthly, peer-reviewed publications, TIBS monitors the expanding scope of biochemistry while continuing to cover traditional subjects such as protein structure and function, signaling, and metabolism. Articles are curated by the Editor and authored by leading researchers in their respective fields. TIBS Review and Opinion articles have key goals to move beyond simply summarizing the literature to synthesizing the data, providing insights into the future direction of the field, and ultimately having a novel point of view.

Each issue of TIBS is primarily composed of concise and timely Reviews and Opinions. In addition, TIBS publishes a variety of shorter scientific articles such as Spotlights, Forums, and Technology of the Month, as well as impact articles, including Science & Society and Scientific Life articles.