IUBMB Events Archive

2022 Past Events

IUBMB Advanced School and Workshop

Proteins in Nanobiology and Nanobiotechnology
11-15 July 2022

Joint 25th IUBMB, 46th FEBS, and 15th PABMB Congress

The Biochemistry Global Summit
9-14 July 2022

2022 IUBMB-FEBS-PABMB Young Scientists’ Forum

6-9 July 2022

2022 Gordon Research Conference (GRC):
Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases

“Exploring and Exploiting the Spatial Constraints of cAMP Signaling”
19-24 June 2022

EMBO Workshop

Reversible phosphorylation, signal integration and drug discovery
22-27 May 2022

IUBMB Advanced School

Cofactor Assembly, Transport and Insertion – Novel insights into their relevance to human health and well-being
16-20 May 2022

FEBS 2022 Advanced Course

Molecular Mechanisms of Host-pathogen Interactions and Virulence in Human Fungal Pathogens
14-20 May 2022

FEBS 2022 Advanced Course

Matrix Pathobiology, Signaling and Molecular Targets
5-10 May 2022

IUBMB Focused Meeting

Hemoglobin Switching
5-9 May 2022

RNAs in gene control across kingdoms

International meeting NetRNA
2-5 May 2022

IUBMB Focused Meeting

Crosstalk between Nucleus and Mitochondria in Human Disease (CrossMitoNus)
22-25 March 2022

47th Lorne Conference

Protein Structure & Function
Hybrid | 6-10 February 2022