26th IUBMB Meeting

September 22-26, 2024

Melbourne, Australia

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The International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology unites biochemists and molecular biologists in 75 countries and regions.

The IUBMB promotes research and education throughout the world, and especially in countries where the subject is still in its early development.

It achieves this in several ways.

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IUBMB Strongly Condemns the Invasion of One Sovereign State by Another

The International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB) strongly condemns the invasion of one sovereign state by another, irrespective of who the perpetrators and the victims are. The IUBMB thus joins the global community of scientists in strongly condemning the current invasion of Ukraine.

The IUBMB has responded to the crisis by putting in place funds to support the relocation of displaced graduate students. The IUBMB has established a programme providing Relocation Support for Displaced Trainees.  This programme will provide financial support of up to US$2000 for trainees to relocate to a new host lab to continue their research. Applications will be reviewed immediately upon receipt and decisions will be made within one week. There are several institutions prepared to accept displaced students; some of these include:

Additionally, affected students may apply for Wood Whelan Fellowships, which fund 4 months in a visiting lab. There is an April 1 deadline for the Wood Whelan Fellowships, but we are prepared to make an exception for displaced students.

This IUBMB Programme for Relocation Support for Displaced Trainees will remain in place as a service to the community to assist students affected by natural disasters and acts of war and aggression that have resulted in loss of infrastructure and resources.

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