IUBMB Educational Activities

The IUBMB is involved in a broad range of educational matters. It organizes or sponsors workshops, usually where participants can discuss modern education and related topics. It also distributes biochemistry textbooks and review journals without charge to scientists and teachers in developing areas and holds or sponsors symposia on education at regional biochemical meetings around the world. It also cooperates with the editors of Biochemical Education (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education) in identifying timely topics for presentation at symposia and workshops.

The report Standards for the Ph.D. Degree in the Molecular Biosciences was published in 2000 and updated in 2006 to replace Standards for the Ph.D. Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology published by the Committee in 1989. This booklet was the result of a broad international and interdisciplinary consultation that involved over 100 persons from some 35 countries. The Copies can be obtained from the IUBMB home page or from the General Secretary. The Standards for the Ph.D. Degree are available from this website (follow the link in the navigation bar to the left)

Prof. Janet Macaulay

Chair of the Committee for Education and Training

Prof. Janet Macaulay
School of Biomedical Sciences
Monash University
e-mail: janet.macaulay@monash.edu

Educational Policy Statement


Enhancing pedagogy and discipline-based knowledge in biochemistry and molecular biology through international collaboration.

The IUBMB is committed to improving education in biochemistry and molecular biology at all levels. The IUBMB Committee on Education provides sponsorship for a range of activities which contribute to this goal. The Committee considers applications from all IUBMB Adhering Bodies and Associated Adhering Bodies. When an activity is to take place at a meeting of one of the Regional Organizations (FAOBMB, FASBMB, PABMB, FEBS) it is often appropriate for the application to be made through that organization.

In addition to funding activities which are organized through these organizations, the Education Committee takes a lead in organizing specific IUBMB Education Workshops around themes which are seen to be of strategic importance for B&MB education. Prior advice about these initiatives and their outcomes will be widely disseminated through this website.


Guidelines and the application form for the IUBMB Educational Activities can be found at https://iubmb.org/guidelines-statutes/guidelines/iubmb-educational-activities/. The completed application form is submitted online.