The Tatenda Murigo Scholarship

We lost Tatenda Murigo – but we do not lose hope. As a member of IUBMB Trainee Initiative, we will never forget her dedication and energy! And to memorialize it, we have set up a fellowship! Help us to set a sign for science in Africa right here.

Tatenda Murigo, wasn’t just a biochemistry undergraduate from Zimbabwe. She embodied hope for the African scientific community. 

A 23 year old girl who had a dream, a meaningful one. Changing the research landscape in Africa. She believed that science could deliver solutions for economic but also pressing societal problems.

As a science communicator, she faced many struggles because science in Africa is neither deeply appreciated by politicians nor the public —Missing funding and delayed access to crucial reagents hinder research. Despite this, Tatenda remained determined to bring change.

Tatenda also became a member of the IUBMB Trainee Initiative to further empower young African students because the IUBMB has been supporting scientific communities in developing countries for quite some time.

With combined forces, it seemed as if everything could be mastered.

But then, in July, we had to live through a dark day.

Tragically, her journey was cut short by a fatal car accident, leaving an irreplaceable void.

A void, but not an end. We keep on, for her.

According to her mantra: “Don’t be afraid to do anything – nothing is impossible”, we came up with a new idea – the Tatenda Murigo Fellowship.

In honor of Tatenda, this fellowship would be awarded to an outstanding female Biochemistry student in Zimbabwe. Covering tuition, accommodation, and the reagents African students often have to finance themselves. This gives someone the chance to do the same honors degree Tatenda was in.

And now, we say it out loud, we need your help!

Whether it is enough to provide lunch or to fund an entire set of reagents, your support makes a difference.

It is a symbol.

Tatenda left a legacy, she embodied the ethos of scientific pursuit—to make the world a better place. 

We are here together, to unravel truths, and to embrace the global community of scientists, to connect as a big family.