Terms of Reference of the IUBMB Edward John Wood Committee

The IUBMB Edward John Wood (The Fund) Committee shall:

  1. Be composed of the Chair appointed by the Executive Committee, the Member for Education of the Executive Committee, the EditorĀ­inĀ­Chief of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education and two additional members appointed by the Executive Committee.
  2. Advertise the activity of The Fund and be proactive in fundraising for The Fund.
  3. Select and recommend actions to the Executive Committee in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology education.
  4. Coordinate its activities with the IUBMB Committee on Education.
  5. Let the Treasurer of the Union handle all financial transactions related to fundraising and sponsorship of activities.
  6. Keep records of all its meetings, of the activities it organizes and /or it sponsors and provide regular reports on all such activities to the Executive Committee.
  7. Advertise its activities and policies through the IUBMB website and publications of the Union.
  8. Ensure that the IUBMB logo is used on all information related to its activities.