Terms of Reference of the Committee on Publications

The Committee on Publications shall:

  1. Be composed of the Chair who is a member of the Executive Committee, the editors­in­chief of the IUBMB journals, and the Chair of the Nomenclature Committee in accordance with By­Law 12.
  2. Advise the Executive Committee on all matters that concern Publications and appointments to editorial boards.
  3. Consider and recommend publication policies for the Union.
  4. Conduct negotiations with publishers with respect to publications and make recommendations to the Executive Committee.
  5. Coordinate the activities of the editors­in­chief of the Union's journals

Note that the current portfolio of the Union consists of:

  • IUBMB Life
  • BioFactors
  • Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry
  • Biochemical Education
  • Trends in Biochemical Sciences
  • Molecular Aspects of Medicine
  • The IUBMB Nicholson Metabolic Pathways Charts
  • Enzyme Nomenclature

F. V.