The IUBMB Archives

Since the foundation of the IUBMB more than 60 years ago a great deal of archival material has accumulated from the work of the many scientists who have contributed to the achievements of the IUBMB. Some 82 boxes with more than 160,000 pages were deposited in a store in Colchester, UK while other parts of the IUBMB archive are localized in the Netherlands and in offices and homes of current or former members of the IUBMB Executive Committee. To safeguard the material and to avoid irreversible losses of the contained information, the decision was made to convert the archives into PDF readable files. Recently, therefore, a major effort organized by the IUBMB Archives Committee, chaired by Andrew Sutherland, was devoted to digitizing as much of the archival material as possible. This has now been completed and it is hoped that the files will provide not only reference material for the work of the current members of IUBMB Committees but also – and maybe even more importantly – serve as a comprehensive insight into the >60-year history of the IUBMB.