Adhering Body & Associate Adhering Body Membership – Application Form

Please view guidelines before submitting this form: Guidelines and By-Laws of the IUBMB

Statute 2.11
Applications for membership or associate membership in the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology shall be sent to the General Secretary and shall be accompanied by a statement of the nature of the Scientific Community and of the proposed Adhering Body or Associate Adhering Body and of the composition of the proposed committee for international relations in biochemistry and molecular biology. If the application is for membership, the number of the Group in which adherence is proposed shall be stated. If the application is for associate membership, the proposed Associate Adhering Body shall provide complete information justifying the need for exemption from payment of dues during the initial period of membership, the length of which is defined in Statute 2.18. The receipt by the General Secretary of a written application for membership or associate membership in the Union shall be considered to be a proposal for the amendment of By-Law 1. This proposal, together with the comments of the Executive Committee thereon, shall be sent by the General Secretary to all Adhering Bodies listed in By-Law 1. The proposed alteration of By-Law 1 shall then become effective if no adverse vote shall have been received by the General Secretary in writing within a period of four months of his/her mailing to the Adhering Bodies the notification of the proposal. If the General Secretary receives one or more valid adverse votes, he/she shall refer the matter to the next Ordinary General Assembly under the provision of Statute 2.13.