Member for Symposia

The Member for Symposia shall:

  1. Be a member of the Executive Committee and shall chair the committee on Symposia.
  2. Advise on, and be responsible to the Executive Committee for, all matters concerning Symposia. Provide the Executive Committee annually with fiscal information on funds requested versus funds received and disbursed. Draw attention to changing trends. Justify all budget request in light of experience.
  3. Make recommendations to the Executive Committee on membership of the Committee on Symposia and ensure that the membership reflects a wide range of current scientific interest, geographical spread, a reasonable representation of female scientists, and interface with the Regional Organizations.
  4. Receive applications for sponsorship of Symposia and ensure that the committee is proactive in seeking applications in areas of current advances in biochemistry and molecular biology. Applications should contain a detailed estimate of expenditures expected by the organizers.
  5. Ensure that meetings to be sponsored are fiscally sound and allocate grants within the overall limits of the committees allotted budget.
  6. Ensure that all sponsored activities abide by the Committee's guidelines on Policy and Procedure and that meeting organizers provide a report, including a detailed statement of accounts, within 6 months after the meeting.
  7. Maintain appropriate contact with Regional Organizations, Organizing Committees of IUBMB Congresses and Conferences, and other international organizations in order to avoid duplication and to arrange cooperation whenever possible.
  8. Ensure that the ICSU recommendations on free circulation of scientists are adhered to in all activities organized or sponsored by the Committee.
  9. Arrange for the Committees to meet whenever the opportunity presents itself (e.g. at scientific meetings) and maintain regular contact with the Committee's membership.
  10. Keep records of all meetings of the Committee, of all applications and sponsored activities, of all reports on sponsored activities, and distribute summaries of these reports to the Executive Committee.
  11. Ensure that the Union's logo is used on all publications related to sponsored activities.
  12. Advertise sponsored activities, and the Committee's policies, through the IUBMB website, the Union's publications, and elsewhere.
  13. Provide a description of all procedures and policies for the benefit of his or her successor and other interested parties.

29 February 2000