Member for Publications

The Member for Publications shall:

  1. Be a member of the Executive Committee and a member and the Chair of the Publications Committee.
  2. Be responsible for the realization and promotion of the aims of the Union through its publications.
  3. Be responsible for the implementation of the agreements between the Union and its publishers in regard to:
    1. Choice of editors-in-chief and members of editorial boards
    2. Publication of IUBMB Newsletters and Reports in the Union’s journals
    3. Control of copyright matters
    4. Renewal or updating of agreements between the Union and its publishers
    5. Participation with publishers in the promotion of the Union’s publications
  4. Be responsible for starting the necessary action for the acquisition of existing journals, the establishment of new journals or other publication ventures.
  5. Be responsible for the good functioning of the Nomenclature Committee.
  6. Consult with and report to the Executive Committee on all important matters pertaining to the Union’s publications.
  7. Keep records and provide a description of procedures used for the benefit of his or her successor and other interested parties.
  8. Shall in all policy matters have the advice of the Publications Committee.

28 July 1999