IUBMB Tang Education Fellowships – Application Form A

Please view guidelines before submitting this form: Guidelines for IUBMB Tang Education Fellowships

The deadline for submitting an application is April 1st at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time (for travel from January through December of the following year). Late applications will not be considered.

Application Form - Tang A

Applicant Details - Responsible academic at Host Institution

Are you a resident of a Country that is a member of IUBMB
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Please upload a certificate or confirmation letter of membership in your local Biochemistry and Molecular Biology society. Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, Max size 2MB.
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Nominated IUBMB Tang Education Fellow Details

Is the nominee a resident of a country that is a member of IUBMB?
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Activity plan


A comprehensive budget should be provided (in US dollars)
Economy return airfares.
For example, if there is no international airport in the city of the host institution or if there are multiple host institutions in different locations in the same country
Indicate the accommodation costs for the duration of the stay in the host country for the period of the Fellowship

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Supporting documents

For each appendix, please create one single document which will contain all documents required for that appendix in PDF. When inserting additional pages, you must ensure that the following information appears on each page: the title of the appendix in the top left-hand corner, your last name and first name in the top right-hand corner, and the page number in the bottom right-hand corner.

Further Documents Required:

Appendix A: Letter of support from Head of the host institution/department Providing information on the requirements of the institution/department for ongoing and future development, particularly as related to the skills and experience of the Nominee

Appendix B: Letter of acceptance from the nominee (IUBMB Tang Education Fellow) This statement should indicate that the nominee is available to visit the host institution at the dates provided and has agreed to the proposed activity plan.

Appendix C: Detailed curriculum vitae of the nominee (IUBMB Tang Education Fellow) This must include details of education and research training, positions held, and any prizes or awards. Information on the Nominee’s skills and experience, as well as previous and current responsibilities relevant to this application should be included.

Maximum file size: 2MB

Letter of Support from Head of the Host Institution/Department Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, png, Max size 2MB.

Maximum file size: 2MB

Letter of Acceptance from the Nominee (IUBMB Tang Education Fellow). Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, png, Max size 2MB.

Maximum file size: 2MB

Detailed Curriculum Vitae of the Nominee (IUBMB Tang Education Fellow)
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