IUBMB Journal Highlights | November 2023

Molecular Aspects of Medicine

Molecular Aspects of Medicine

Volume 94 (December 2023) 101220
Understanding the complex genetics and molecular mechanisms underlying glaucoma

Weiwei Wang , Huaizhou Wang  

Volume 94 (December 2023) 101215
The changing epidemiology of fungal infections

Cornelia Lass-Flörl, Stephan Steixner

Aspects of Molecular Medicine

Aspects of Molecular Medicine LOW RES for overprint placement

Volume 2 (December 2023) 100023
Biomarkers in acute myeloid leukemia: From state of the art in risk classification to future challenges of RNA editing as disease predictor and therapy target

Alberto Quattrocchi a 1, Luca Vincenzo Cappelli b 1
Giovanna De Simone c, Elisabetta De Marinis a, Martina Gentile a, Tecla Gasperi c, Alessandro Pulsoni b d
Paolo Ascenzi c e, Clara Nervi a

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