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New Issue: Volume 73, Issue 5IUBMB life cover

Issue Highlights

The effect of Chinese herbal medicine on digestive system and liver functions should not be neglected in COVID–19: An updated systematic review and meta–analysis

Shihua Shi, Fei Wang, Jiang Li, Yulong Li, Weihao Li, Xiaoping Wu, Shuo Kou, Yongcan Wu, Xiaomin Wang, Caixia Pei, Demei Huang, Heng Qiu, Peili Wang, Zhenxing Wang

Gastrointestinal symptoms and liver injury are not uncommon in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID–19). The empirical use of Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) during COVID–19 has received noticeable attention. This meta–analysis critically appraising CHM seemingly indicated that the advantage of CHM as an adjuvant showed more on reducing the rate of COVID–19 aggravation and nucleic acid–negative conversion time to treat the emergency symptoms, than improving gastrointestinal symptoms and liver function, based on the latest evidence. Our findings underlined the need of paying attention to COVID–19 patients suffering gastrointestinal symptoms and liver injury, which may inspire the development of new drugs.


Netrin–1 and clusterin: Innovative potential diagnostic biomarkers for early renal damage in β–thalassemia major children

Sarah Ragab Abd El–Khalik, Radwa Mahmoud Sharaby, Elham Nasif, Mohamed Bassiony Hamza, Rowida Raafat Ibrahim

This study focused on both Netrin–1(NTN–1) and Clusterin (CLU) preliminary assessment as surrogate noninvasive biomarkers, allowing early detection of renal tubular dysfunction in children with beta–thalassemia major (β–TM). Urinary NTN–1 and CLU concentrations and their PBMCs mRNA relative expression levels were significantly increased in β–TM children relative to controls, as well as the oxido–inflammatory biomarkers. These changes were also correlated significantly with other renal function parameters. Hence, NTN–1 and CLU are qualified as promoted new noninvasive biomarker panels for early detection of renal injury in β–TM children. Furthermore, Urinary NTN–1 is recommended as a precise one during the clinical practices.

Netrin–1 and clusterin



Inflammation: mechanism, disease, and therapy IUBMB life cover

GUEST EDITORS:   Yi-Ching Wang (National Cheng Kung University) and Chih-Peng Chang (National Cheng Kung University)
Manuscripts should be submitted by 31 May 2021
Expected issue publication will be October 2021
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Biological Responses to Stressor IUBMB life cover

GUEST EDITORS:   Nesrin Kartal Ozer (Marmara University), Jose Vina (University of Valencia), Gloria Olaso (University of Valencia), Erdi Sozen (Marmara University)
Manuscripts should be submitted by 31 May 2021
Expected issue publication will be November 2021

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Autophagy in Health and Disease IUBMB life cover

GUEST EDITOR:   Ruey-Hwa Chen (Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Manuscripts should be submitted by 10 September 2021
Expected issue publication will be February 2022
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                                  Multicellular Microenvironment Effects on the Modulation of Cell Functions IUBMB life cover

GUEST EDITOR:   Xiangya Ding, Nanjing Medical University
Manuscripts should be submitted by 30 September 2021
Expected issue publication will be early 2022
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                                  Proteinopathies in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Perspectives on Aging, Genetics, Protein Folding, and Cell Therapy IUBMB life cover

GUEST EDITORS:   David Blum (Lille Cedex), Cheng-ting Chien (Academia Sinica), Yung-Feng Liao (Academia Sinica)
Manuscripts should be submitted by 30 September 2021
Expected issue publication will be March 2022
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                                  Extracellular Matrix: The Dynamic Structural and Functional Network in Health and Disease IUBMB life cover

GUEST EDITORS:   Nikos Karamanos (Univ. of Patras), Sylvie Ricard-Blum (Univ. of Lyon), Dimitris Kletsas (NCSR Demokritos, Athens)
Manuscripts should be submitted by 31 October 2021
Expected issue publication will be March 2022
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Biofactors coverNew Special Issue: Volume 47, Issue 2

Special Issue on “Luteolin: Beneficial Actions in Inflammation, Neurodegeneration and Post‐Infectious Disorders”


Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry

Volume 68, Issue 2Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry

Issue Highlights

Harmful effects of high amounts of glucose on the immune system: An updated review


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education

New Virtual Issue on Teaching in the Time of COVID-19Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education

Volume 49, Issue 2

Issue Highlights

Introducing climate change into the biochemistry and molecular biology curriculum

BarcodingGO: A problem‐based approach to teach concepts related to environmental‐DNA and bioinformatics


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Molecular Aspects of Medicine

Molecular Aspects of Medicine cover

Volume 75, October 2020
Iron in Health and Diseases
by Guenter Weiss, Manfred Nairz