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Bank form - Fellowship Programs

IUBMB Fellowship

As spelled on application form
If using Diversity Travel, you must deduct the amount and enter the remaining total of the award

Bank Account Details

Street address, City, Province, ZIP/Postal code, Country
As spelled on the bank documents
City and State only
*IBAN format for non-US banks; *Canadian bank format is branch transit-financial institution-account number
nine-digit string

Please note the possible options for transferring the fellowship are listed below:

The fellowship can be transferred to any account in any country, but there are issues with transferring funds to financially troubled or embargoed countries. A partial list includes Iran, Argentina, and Brazil. In some cases (Cuba, among others) only payments in EUR are feasible. 

This is why IUBMB recommends using an account in the hosting country. This could be an institutional account (as long as no overheads are taken), that of the host, that of a friend/relative/lab mate or anyone else the awardee may trust in full. Of course, the awardee may also open a bank account in the receiving country: this is by far the preferred choice.

Also note that the vast majority of small US banks (including most University Credit Unions) do not have a SWIFT code, and this will result in additional charges, that will be detracted from the award. In addition, in the absence of a SWIFT code, the full address of the bank should be provided. Finally, please note that the transfer itself will take a few days (2-10, depending on whether the bank has a SWIFT code or not).  

In any case, as specified in the award letter, the IUBMB Treasurer will take care of the transfer not earlier than the date when the awardee will reach the hosting lab, as certified by an email message from the host to treasurer@iubmb.org.

*I verified that the provided account details are accurate and can receive bank transfers from abroad and in USD (checkmark if you confirm)