Computational Biology

Researcher name: Frohlich, Christopher

Affiliation: UiT The Arctic University of Norway | Norway

Research area(s): Computational Biology, Enzymology, Microbiology, Protein Structure and Folding

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Researcher name: Pillay, Che

Affiliation: University of KwaZulu-Natal | South Africa

Research area(s): Computational Biology

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Researcher name: Reichmann, Dana

Affiliation: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | Israel

Research area(s): Computational Biology, Microbiology, Protein Structure and Folding, Protein Synthesis and Degradation

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Researcher name: Yurchenko, Vyacheslav

Affiliation: University of Ostrava | Czechia

Research area(s): Computational Biology, Gene Regulation, Genomics and Proteomics, molecular parasitology

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