IUBMB Speakers at FEBS Special Meetings, Advanced Lecture Courses and Workshops

Effective for 2011 events, the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) and the International Union of Biochemistry (IUBMB) will start a collaborative initiative related to the financial support for so-called “IUBMB Speakers“ invited to FEBS events such as FEBS Advanced Lecture Courses / FEBS Workshops / FEBS Special Meetings. The following terms and conditions apply together with the Guidelines of the FEBS Advanced Courses Program available on the FEBS website.

  1. Only Advanced Lecture Courses / Workshops / Special Meetings are eligible to host IUBMB Speakers.
  2. “IUBMB Speakers“ must be from a country represented in the IUBMB as Adhering or Associated-Adhering body.
  3. FEBS organizers must announce IUBMB Speakers in all relevant programmes, on event websites and event materials.
  4. Organizers are entitled to receive a financial support of up to 2.000 USD from IUBMB to cover partial or full expenses of maximal one “IUBMB Speaker“ hosted by a single FEBS event.
  5. “IUBMB Speakers“ may be proposed by organizers in relevant FEBS Application Forms.
  6. “IUBMB Speaker“ nominations have to be approved by the IUBMB Executive Committee before beginning of the event. Organizers will be notified about the IUBMB decision by the Office of the FEBS Advanced Courses Committee with the Conditions-of-Award Letters.
  7. Organizers should send a brief CV of the nominee to the IUBMB Executive Committee Member for Congresses and Conferences for approval, by October 30th for FEBS funded courses to be organized the following year.