Guidelines for the Distinguished Service Award

The IUBMB Distinguished Service Award:

  1. Gives special recognition to biochemists and molecular biologists who have made a major contribution to activities of the IUBMB.
  2. Takes the form of a certificate conferred at an Ordinary General Assembly and eligibility for attendance at IUBMB Congresses and Focused Meetings without payment of a registration fee.
  3. Is conferred on those nominees of an Adhering Body or members of the Executive Committee who receive approval, in a secret ballot, of at least two-thirds of the entire Executive Committee. Nominations shall be received by the General Secretary in writing for each nominee and accompanied by a brief description of the IUBMB activity for which the nominee is to be honored. The General Secretary shall call for nominations for the award at the time a call is made for nominations for vacancies on the Executive Committee.
  4. Shall not be conferred on current incumbents of the Executive Committee.

13 March 2000