Funding Regional Organizations – Application Form

Please view guidelines before submitting this form: Guidelines for Funding Regional Organizations

The deadline for submitting an application is October 1st for the subsequent calendar year (January-December).

application - Funding Regional Organizations

Meeting Proposal Details

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Maximum file size: 2MB

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Letter of support from the Adhering Body or Associate Adhering Body of the IUBMB (please refer to the IUBMB website for a list of Adhering and Associate Adhering Bodies with contact information)

Meeting budget (USD)

Including - grant requested from IUBMB (up to US $15,000) - grants from other Sources & Sponsors (attach copies of award letters) - registration fees for senior and young scientists - tentative expenses (travel, accommodation, meals and nutrition breaks, rental facilities, administrative costs, abstract book, social activities; in table format)

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