IUBMB Advanced School: Cofactor Assembly, Transport and Insertion – Novel insights into their relevance to human health and well-being

  Availability and insertion of meta-l and vitamin-derived cofactors are required for the correct structure and function of proteins, thus preventing severe pathological conditions, related to inborn errors of cofactor metabolism. Methodologies aimed at experimentally predicting or describing the required interactions have allowed dissection of individual step of cofactor assembly, as well as the molecular […]

IUBMB Advanced School and Workshop on “Proteins in Nanobiology and Nanobiotechnology”

Varadero Beach, Matanzas, Cuba

  online poster **Due to the new increase of Covid-19 cases worldwide we are moving the Advanced School for the to November 29th - December 3rd, 2021 (postponed from July 12-26, 2021). Protein-based nanobiotechnology combines the study of proteins at the nanoscale with the expanding field of nanobiotechnology. The School and Workshop are aimed at […]

IUBMB Advanced School – Molecular Targets for Anti-aging Interventions

Spetses Hotel Spetses Island

  Statement in relation to Covid-19 The organizers of this event are continuing to work hard to create an excellent meeting for participants and are monitoring, and will implement as appropriate, public health advice in Greece to minimise risks. For your own awareness, we remind you to consult your government's advice before travelling to and […]