Plenary Lectures

The Chester Beatty Lecture

Toronto 1979 P. Handler, USA
Perth 1982 P. Leder, USA
Amsterdam 1985 T. Sugimura, Japan
Prague 1988 T. Murachi, Japan
Jerusalem 1991 P. Berg, USA
New Delhi 1994 M. Salas, Spain
San Francisco 1997 S. Nagata, Japan
Birmingham 2000 S. Cory, Australia
Kyoto 2006 T. W. Mak, Canada
Shanghai 2009 Victor Ambros, USA
Seville 2012 Kazutoshi Mori, Japan
Seoul 2018 Feng Shao, USA

A profile of Chester Beatty

Alfred Chester Beatty was a brilliant British businessman who was the Chairman of Selection Trust Ltd., sold at the time of his retirement for a sum said to have represented the largest financial transaction in British commercial history.

His father, of the same name, is much better known, through the Chester Beatty Cancer Research Institute in London and the Chester Beatty Art Gallery in Dublin. Chester Beatty Sr made his own fortune out of mining precious metals and the son expanded on this using scientific exploration techniques that led to an increased rate of discovery of precious metal deposits.

He had a great love of horses and was a master of foxhounds. And an art connoisseur. Van Gogh painted several copies of the Sunflowers. Chester Beatty bought one in the early 1930s for a few thousand pounds. When it was sold, after Mr. Beatty’s death, it achieved a record for the sale price of any painting up to that date.

His interest in the precious metals led him into biochemistry where he became fascinated with the Krebs™ Cycle and carried out theoretical investigations which convinced him that Krebs was wrong on a certain number of points. W. J. Whelan, then General Secretary of the IUB, was introduced to Mr. Beatty via his physician and got to know him quite well such that in 1978 Mr. Beatty gave the IUB a sum of money that permanently endowed the Chester Beatty Plenary Lecture, given at each IUB/IUBMB Congress since 1979.

IUBMB Plenary Lectures at Regional Organization Meetings

Bangalore, India 2003 Dieter Söll, USA
Vienna, Austria 2007 Angelika Amon, USA
Hanoi, Vietnam 2008 Robert Huber, Germany
Prague, Czech Republic 2009 Tom Blundell, UK
Gothenburg, Sweden 2010 Susan Lindquist, USA
Torino, Italy 2011 John Mattick, AUS
Athens, Greece 2008 Naoyuki Taniguchi, Japan
Naples, Italy 2011 Konrad Sandhoff, Germany
Mérida, Mexico 2011 Richard Flavell, USA
Seville, Spain 2012 Tim Hunt, UK
Marrakech, Morocco 2013 Patrice Courvalin, France
Puerto Varas, Chile 2013 Guy Salveson, UK
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil 2015 Martin Chalfie, USA
Berlin, Germany 2015 Xiaowei Zhuang, USA
Miami, USA 2016 Charles Serhan, USA
Vancouver, Canada 2016 Nahum Sonenberg, Canada
Miami, USA 2017 Bruce Spiegelman, USA
Jerusalem 2017 Feng Zhang, USA

The IUBMB Life Lecture

(inaugurated: 2006 in Kyoto)

Kyoto 2006 G. Hart, USA
Shanghai 2009 Kurt Wüthrich, Switzerland
Seville, Spain 2012 Sai-Juan Chen, China
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil 2015 Salvador Moncada, UK

The PABMB Lecture

(inaugurated: 1997 in San Francisco)

San Francisco 1997 A. Parodi, Argentina
Birmingham 2000 L. Herrera-Estrelia; Mexico
Montreal 2003 A. Kornblihtt, Argentina

Osamu Hayaishi Lecture

Seville, Spain 2012 Ferid Murad, USA
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil 2015 José Onuchic, USA
Seoul, Korea 2018 John Hardy, UK

Feodor Lynen Lecture

Mérida, Mexico 2011 Joan Massagué, USA
Miami, USA 2012 George Whitesides, USA
Miami, USA 2012 Robert Langer, USA
Miami, USA 2016 Arlene Sharpe, USA
Miami, USA 2018 Joshua Hare
Miami, USA 2019 Robert Gallo, USA

Severo Ochoa Lecture

Montreal, Canada 2003 Jean-Marc Egly, France
Seville, Spain 2012 Carlos Bustamante, USA
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil 2015 Kurt Wüthrich, USA

EC Slater Lecture

Seville, Spain 2012 Robert Huber, Germany
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil 2015 Tom Steitz, USA
Vancouver, Canada 2016 Alexandra Newton, USA
Seoul, Korea 2018 Craig Thompson, USA

Kunio Yagi Lecture

Mérida, Mexico 2011 Scott Lowe, USA
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil 2015 Johann Deisenhofer, USA/Germany
Seoul, Korea 2018 Aaron Ciechanover, Israel