Lectures sponsored by the IUBMB

At IUBMB Congresses several endowed Lectures (named after Chester Beatty, Osamu Hayaishi, Feodor Lynen, Severo Ochoa, E.C. (Bill) Slater, Ed Wood and Kunio Yagi) feature prominently in the program.

The IUBMB Life Lecture was inaugurated in 2006, the year following the 50th anniversary of the constitutive assembly of the forerunner of IUBMB, the International Union of Biochemistry (IUB) held in London in January 1955.

IUBMB Lectures and IUBMB Jubilee Lectures are intended as Plenary Lectures at scientific meetings, in particular of the smaller Adhering Bodies or Associate Adhering Bodies for which the budget would normally allow only for local speakers.

The IUBMB Medal

The inscription “Standing on the shoulders of a giant, he has seen farther”, inspired by a similar one of Isaac Newton, is meant to honor exceptionally successful scientists in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology.