IUBMB Jubilee Award Lecturers

Lewis C. CantleyLewis C. Cantley, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, USA
“Linking protein kinases to phosphorylation sites that control cell growth, cell death and cell survival”
To be presented at the Understanding Cancer Metabolism: Exploring Tumor Heterogeneity to Advance Cancer Therapy.

Catanzaro, Italy | 30 June 2023

Rachel GreenRachel Green, Johns Hopkins, USA
“Coordinated responses by ZAK and GCN2 kinases on colliding ribosomes dictate cell fate”
To be presented at the Molecular Biosystems Conference: Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Functional Genomics for her outstanding contributions to understanding the molecular mechanisms of ribosome functions.

Puerto Varas, Chile | 25-29 September 2023

Pamela A. SilverPamela A. Silver, Harvard Medical School, USA
“Designing Biology for Health and Sustainability”
To be presented at the IUBMB-FAOBMB-ComBio Biomolecular Horizons 2024 Congress.

Melbourne, Australia | 22-26 September 2024

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