Wood-Whelan Research Fellowships

Established in 1983 with funds provided by an appeal among the world’s biochemists for the purpose of granting short-term fellowships to young biochemists to carry out research and training in a laboratory other than their own. This was named after Harland Wood, former General Secretary and President of IUB, and William Whelan, former General Secretary of IUB and former President of IUBMB. Additions to the funds were made by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ($10,000 in 1997, $20,000 in 1998) and by a donation from William Whelan ($18,000 in 2001).

In order to make continuation of the successful program for the forthcoming years possible, the IUBMB-EC decided to add part of the income generated in the triennium 2003-2005 to the Wood-Whelan fund.

Guidelines for the Wood-Whelan Research Fellowships

Guidelines and the application form for the IUBMB Wood-Whelan Research Fellowships can be found at https://iubmb.org/guidelines-statutes/guidelines/wood-whelan-research-fellowships/. The completed application form is submitted online.

Addresses of the Members of the Wood-Whelan Research Fellowships Committee

Members of the Wood-Whelan Research Fellowships Committee can be found at https://iubmb.org/fellowships-committee/