Molecular Life Sciences Concept Inventory Project

This project has been funded by the IUBMB and the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

The project has developed:

  • A rigorously validated web-based diagnostic assessment tool (the concept inventory), to test student understanding of key concepts in the molecular life sciences.
  • A tool and a process for educators to research their teaching.

The inventory is designed for use with students entering their first biochemistry course, and is designed to diagnose understanding of fundamental concepts in chemistry and biology on which biochemistry builds.

The inventory is a short (~40 minute) test comprising 100 true/false test items. The test is structured as 6 thematic modules with 4-5 questions in each module. Each question is made up of 3-4 true-false items pertaining to the question’s single stem.

Each item has been analysed for the concepts needed to answer it correctly. Each concept (49 total) is tested more than once by the inventory.
Concepts have been grouped into a set of 8 larger conceptual areas for the purpose of providing consolidated feedback to educators and students
The items have been validated through testing with more than 1000 students internationally.

You are invited to use the inventory with your class. For more information about the inventory and to access the test click here.

The project involves universities in Australia (Susan Hamilton, Tony Wright and Warren Laffan, University of Queensland; Susan Howitt, Australian National University), South Africa (Trevor Anderson, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal) and Portugal (Manuel João Costa, University of Minho).


Molecular Life Sciences Concept Inventory Project

Members of the project team at the joint IUBMB/FEBS conference in Athens in 2008

Molecular Life Sciences Concept Inventory Project

Bond rotation in simple peptides is tested in the inventory because it is a key concept in understanding protein folding