Special Membership Committee

Terms of Reference of the Committee on Special Membership

  • Be a standing committee composed of approximately ten members and a Chair. In addition, the Treasurer, Chair of the Committee on Biotechnology and the editor­in­chief of Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry shall be ex officio members but without vote.

  • Have its Chairperson appointed by the Executive Committee.

  • Shall limit the service of its members to three years. Members shall be co­opted by the Chairperson with advice from the Executive Committee.

  • Shall have its membership reviewed every three years by the incoming President in consultation with the Chairperson of the Special Membership Committee and the Executive Committee.

  • Solicit the interest, involvement and cooperation of industrial companies, research and development institutions and laboratories, scientific societies and any other bodies or individuals interested in the activities of the Union, in becoming Special Members.

  • Review applications for Special Membership and make recommendation to the Executive Committee on such applications.

  • Keep the Special Members informed of the activities of the Union.

  • Encourage the Special Members to take an active part in activities of the Union such as Congresses and Conferences, those sponsored by the Committee on Symposia and on Education, and IUBMB publications of particular interest to them. Special Members are to be consulted on such matters.

  • Advise the Executive Committee and the Ordinary General Assembly on matters that would bring the Special Members into closer contact with Union activities.

  • Seek financial contributions from individuals and organizations interested in the activities of the Union but for whom Special Membership would be inappropriate.

21 February 2000