Protein Kinases Nomenclature Subcommittee

Terms of Reference of the Subcommittee on Protein Kinases Nomenclature

The nomenclature and EC designations for protein kinases have not kept up with the enormous advances in genome sequencing and bioinformatics, or with the rapid pace of the biochemical and structural characterization of members of this class of phosphotransferases. Current analysis indicates that the human genome encodes 538 protein kinases, at least a quarter of which have clearly recognizable counterparts even in unicellular eukaryotes. Conversely, unique groups of protein kinases, such as some of those found in bacteria and plants, also need to be considered. Hence, it has become important to more systematically categorize protein kinases. This working group is charged with better parsing protein kinases into logical classes, considering genome sequencing, bioinformatics, and structural and biochemical properties, and, on that basis, appropriately allocating EC numbers.

EC October 2021