Reimbursement of Expenses of Travel on IUBMB Business

Guidelines for Reimbursement of Expenses of Travel on IUBMB Business

The following guidelines shall apply to reimbursement for travel and subsistence expenses incurred by those authorized to travel on IUBMB business. There are two options: a) request for a per diem allowance (no receipts will be required)*; b) request for itemized expenses, by submission of the corresponding receipts.



  • Rail: ordinary first class rate with sleeper for overnight trips.
  • Air: economy class airfare using the most direct route. However, for nonstop journeys of 8 hours or more, the use of the lowest cost Premium Economy airfare may be reimbursed. (see Note 1).
  • Travel to and from airport (see Note 2): the cost of travel to and from the airport by public transport or taxi.
  • The cost of travel insurance will be reimbursed.
  • In case own car is used, a per mile/kilometre reimbursement is feasible (65.5 cents per mile in 2023)



  • *Reimbursement of subsistence for travel involving more than one overnight stay will normally be via a per diem allowance, based on the official United Nations rates, which are revised four times a year. These rates may be modified, on the recommendation of the Treasurer, taking into consideration special local arrangements. For a single overnight stay the actual cost of accommodation, meals and sundries up to the UN per diem rate will be reimbursed. Where travel does not include an overnight stay or is directly paid by IUBMB, the actual cost of meals and sundries up to the UN rate less the room rate (see Note 3) will be reimbursed.

  • The Treasurer should be consulted or informed prior to a member of the Executive Committee undertaking travel for which he or she will claim travel expenses other than to a meeting of the Executive Committee.

    • Note 1: The maximum reimbursement will be the lowest unrestricted airfare.
    • Note 2: Local transport, including taxis, within the city where the meeting is held, are included in the per diem.
    • Note 3: The room rate, as percentage of the per diem, is included in the list of official United Nations per diem rates.

24 March 2023


Reimbursement Form

IUBMB Reimbursement of Travel Expenses on IUBMB Business – Form