IUBMB Relocation Support for Displaced Trainees – Guidelines

Guidelines for the IUBMB Relocation Support for Displaced Trainees



The Relocation Support for Displaced Trainees will support graduate students and postdoctoral fellows displaced from their labs because of natural disasters, war, or other events beyond their control that interrupt their training. Funds will be provided to relocate to another laboratory in the IUBMB region to continue their training in the biomolecular sciences. The trainee should identify the host lab and use the IUBMB funds to relocate.


Conditions of Support

The support will be awarded for travel and to get settled in a new lab. Support funds are intended to cover travel and incidental costs, as well as living expenses, eligible costs of US $500 as general costs of up to US $2,000 with exceptions only made with strong justification. Travel costs will provide for the cheapest airfare available; incidental expenses directly related to the travel, local bus fares to and from airport; and a hotel charge for one night at airport if well substantiated. The costs do not cover insurance or research expenses at the new host laboratory. If the funding is made available to the institution, no overheads can be deducted from the award. Travel should commence within four months of the award being made.

Applicants are required to make a full declaration to IUBMB of all other support received in connection with the relocation. The support cannot be used to supplement scientific visits otherwise fully covered. The support will not be awarded to attend courses, symposia, meetings or congresses. Applicants must be graduate students or junior researchers within 10 years of receiving PhD and must provide justification for the need to relocate.


Application Requires

  • A short CV
  • Reason for relocation
  • Description of current research
  • Description of research in new host laboratory
  • Letter of support from new host laboratory


Application Deadline

Applications will be considered as they are received and applicants will be informed within 7 days of receipt of application.



Acknowledgment of receipt of the Fellowship should be made in any publication(s) that arise(s) as a result of the relocation to the new lab.


Application Details

Upon submission of the application form, applications will be sent to and reviewed by the IUBMB Executive Committee.

Past IUBMB Relocation Support for Displaced Trainees Recipients 2022