IUBMB Plenary Lectures at Regional Organization Meetings

Guidelines for IUBMB Plenary Lectures at Regional Organization Meetings

  • The Lecture shall be named the IUBMB Lecture.

  • At least 18 months before the Lecture is to be delivered, the Meeting Organizer shall propose to the IUBMB Liaison Officer for the particular Regional Organization the names of 3 potential candidates in a ranking order of preference. These are then to be referred to the Executive Committee for a decision which should be made at least 3 months before the deadline for publication of the program for the Meeting.

  • The IUBMB Treasurer shall describe to the Meeting Organizer the rules for the reimbursement and the timing.

  • A representative of the IUBMB shall co-chair the Lecture.┬áThe IUBMB shall be acknowledged in the Meeting announcement and in the program.

  • All correspondence shall be copied to the General Secretaries of IUBMB and the Regional Organization.

EC Meeting, SFO
13-15 May 1999
Modified 30 September 1999
A view of all the Plenary Lecturers