IUBMB Jubilee Award Lectures

Guidelines for the IUBMB Jubilee Award Lectures

The IUBMB Jubilee Award recognizes a senior investigator who has made transformational findings in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology. It is the most prestigious award offered by the IUBMB and replaces the IUBMB Jubilee Lecture that was established to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the First International Congress of Biochemistry that was held in Cambridge, England in 1949 and at which the initial steps were taken that led to the formation of IUB (IUBMB, since 1991).

The IUBMB Jubilee Awardee will deliver a Plenary Lecture at a scientific meeting, symposium, or annual national scientific meeting of an Adhering or Associate Adhering Body.

For this award, the IUBMB will provide US $3,000 to the host meeting to support the travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred by the Awardee. Reimbursements use the policy applicable to Plenary Lecturers at Congresses and are to be made in consultation with the IUBMB Treasurer. The award will be announced within 2 months of the deadline for nominations.

The plenary lecture of the Jubilee Awardee shall be named the IUBMB Jubilee Award Lecture and be designated as such in all announcements and programs. The Awardee should be presented with the IUBMB cube and certificate, on behalf of the IUBMB, at the beginning of their presentation. Wherever possible, this session should be chaired by a member of the IUBMB Executive Committee.

Applications should include a letter of nomination with a full motivation indicating the exceptional scientific achievements of the nominee, the cv of the nominee, a list of the five most significant publications, and full details of the meeting. Applications will be reviewed by the IUBMB Awards Committee. The award is specifically made for the nominated lecturer and is not transferable. In the event that the nominated lecturer is no longer available, a fresh application must be submitted for a new lecturer.

Two deadlines each year: June 15th and December 15th.

Modified 13 May 2022  

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