Funding Regional Organizations

Guidelines for Funding Regional Organizations

  • For each triennium, the IUBMB Treasurer, with the advice of the Executive Committee (EC), allocates a sum of money to FAOBMB, FASBMB and PABMB in support of their scientific and educational activities. In particular, advice is sought from the EC member charged with liaison with the Regional Organization (RO) in question.

  • The triennial sum may be spent in annual portions determined by the stated needs of the RO.

  • Application for an annual payment is to be sent to the IUBMB General Secretary. The application should be prepared with the advice of the EC liaison member. Applications must be made at least 12 months before the date of the event to be supported. A description of the event, the proposed budget and a justification must accompany the application, which should be transmitted by the General Secretary of the RO.

  • The funds may be used only for travel or accommodation for foreign participants. The maximum reimbursement should be the listed economy fare or the Apex fare (if available), whichever is the lower. The recipients may be invited speakers and/or travel fellows. The travel expenses of the IUBMB plenary lecturer should be met from the same triennial subvention. Funds may not be used for administration, for registration fees, or for officers of the organization.

  • Additional funds for an RO activity may be requested from the Committee on Education and Training and the Committee on Congresses and Focused Meetings. These must conform to the deadlines and guidelines of these Committees. Such applications may not be sent directly by the meeting organizer, but via the Secretary General of the RO and with the knowledge and advice of the EC Liaison Officer, to the General Secretary. In particular, justification must be provided for the request for additional funds, as opposed to spending any balance remaining in the triennial allocation.

  • Two months before the event, application should be made to the IUBMB Treasurer for payment of the grant, specifying if the payment should be made by mailing a cheque made out to the organization or individual, or by wire transfer to a specified bank account. In the latter case, full details of the name and number of the account and name, address and code of the bank should be given. Within two months after the event, a two-page report, including statistics and attendance should be sent to the IUBMB General Secretary, together with an accounting of the expenditures, these to be distributed within the EC.

  • It is a condition of the award of IUBMB funds that at the time the financial report of expenditures is rendered to the IUBMB, any funds surplus to the purposes for which they were awarded should be returned.

10 January 2006



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