The President-Elect


  • Be a member of the Executive Committee (Statute 6.1) and of the Board of directors of daughter organizations.

  • Be responsible for the correct functioning of daughter organizations and report to the Executive Committee.

  • Preside in the temporary absence of the President at all meetings of the Executive Committee, and at all General Assemblies.

  • Act at the request of the President as official representative of the Union.

  • In case of resignation or death of the President, the President-Elect will become President and will hold office until the end of two subsequent Ordinary General Assemblies. The office of President-Elect will remain vacant until the election at the next Ordinary General Assembly.

  • In case of resignation or death of the President-Elect, the President will assume the duties of the Office and the office will remain vacant until the next Ordinary General Assembly at which time both a President and a President-Elect will be elected.

  • In addition, the President-Elect currently chairs the Special Membership Committee and interfaces with the Special Members.

  • The President-Elect will oversee the Biotechnology Committee. In this activity, the President-Elect is the IUBMB representative on biotechnology matters.

  • The President-Elect will receive the applications for, evaluate and decide on the Jubilee lectures after consulting with the Officers.

EC Meeting Athens
26 -­ 27 June 2008