The General Secretary

The position of General Secretary is a key one on the Executive Committee. It requires energy and sustained commitment. It is demanding in its necessary attention to detail. It is best suited to a person who is well organized, has developed administrative skills and has appropriate, but by no means elaborate secretarial assistance. It is not suitable for a person who already has significant other demands on his or her time, or who is absent for significant periods.


  • Act as Secretary for and at all meetings of the Executive Committee, and all General Assemblies. He or she shall prepare and distribute the Agenda and other materials and keep the Minutes of all meetings of which he or she is Secretary.

  • Normally be responsible for the maintenance of communications between the Union and its Adhering Bodies, Associate Adhering Bodies, Regional Organizations and Associated Organizations, and between the Union and other Unions, similar bodies and organizations, and between the Union and ISC.

  • Report annually, on behalf of the Executive Committee, about the activities of the Union and of its Committees, Joint Committees and other bodies.

  • Call for nominations for vacancies on the Executive Committee, for membership of the Nominating Committee, for delegates to the General Assembly, and for the IUBMB Distinguished Service Award.

  • Prepare and publish revised Statutes and By­Laws and appropriate material for publicity (eg. brochure, newsletters, annual reports, articles on activities of the Union) and liaise with and supply material to the IUBMB Information Technology Officer.

  • Keep in contact with members of the Executive Committee between meetings.

  • Communicate with the Union’s members and with delegates to the General Assembly on matters that relate directly to them.

  • Handle such matters as are entrusted to him or her by the Executive Committee or other Officers of the Union when they act on behalf of the Executive Committee.

  • Coordinate the work of the various Committees of IUBMB.

  • Keep records of activities of the Executive Committee, its Committees, editorial boards and representatives; ensure that reappointments and replacements of committee members and editors occur in accordance with the appropriate statutory and by­law requirements; and monitor the overall geographical spread of such persons and their gender so as to assure broad representation of the IUBMB family.

  • Solicit new Adhering Bodies and Associate Adhering Bodies and arrange for their admission as required by the Statutes and By­Laws.

  • Render advice to the Executive Committee based on the General Secretary’s vantage point as an observer of the Union, especially with respect to where remedial measures or new initiatives may seem desirable.

  • Maintain records and a description of the procedures in use for the benefit of his or her successor and of other interested parties.

  • Maintain the archival materials of the Union and the database relating to member organizations.

EC Meeting SFO
13­15 May 1999