Member for Education and Training


  • Chair the Committee on Education and Training.

  • Act as a source of advice on all aspects of education in biochemistry and molecular biology in areas where biochemistry and molecular biology are developed as well as in areas where they are less so.

  • Use the funds provided to the Committee to the best advantage and be responsible for the reviewing and approving of requests for funds for Wood-Whelan, Research Fellowships, Mid-Career Research Fellowships and Advanced Schools by the Committee.

  • Ensure that the Committee is proactive and seek to deploy funds for initiatives considered to be of importance to the Committee’s mission and to implement those initiatives.

  • Work closely with the corresponding committees of the Regional Organizations and arrange support on a matching basis for approved activities in the area of the Regional Organization.

  • Conduct regular Committee discussions via email or Skype and encourage Committee members to attend scientific meetings at which the Committee members can occasionally meet in person.

  • Ensure that the Committee is representative of the IUBMB family and the Regional Organizations and is turned over regularly as prescribed by By-Law 12.

  • Maintain a continual review of the Committee’s responsibilities and make recommendations to the Executive Committee with suggestions as to how to augment the available funds.

  • Be an ex officio member of the editorial board of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, promote sales of that journal, and supply, and urge the Committee to supply, copy to the journal describing the work of the Committee or based on their opinion or experience in teaching innovations.

  • Request and keep on record reports of all activities sponsored by the Committee. Distribute summaries of these reports to the EC and for posting on the IUBMB website.

  • Keep records and provide a description of the procedures used for the benefit of his or her successor and other interested parties.

  • Advertise sponsored activities, and the Committee’s policies, through the IUBMB web site, the Union’s publications and elsewhere.

EC Meeting SFO   1315   May 1999
Modified 30 September 1999
Modified 10 January 2015