Nomenclature Committee

Terms of Reference of the Nomenclature Committee

Composition and Terms of Office

  • There shall be a Nomenclature Committee (NC­IUBMB) normally composed of eight regular Members, one of whom shall serve as Chairman, and up to six Associate Members.
  • The Members and Chairman of the Committee shall be appointed by the IUBMB Executive Committee (Statute 7.3h). The Secretary shall be elected by NC­IUBMB. Both Chairman and Secretary will normally also hold these positions in the IUPAC­IUBMB Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature (JCBN).
  • Four of the regular Committee Members shall also be members of the IUPAC­IUBMB Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature (JCBN).
  • Candidates for Membership shall normally be proposed by the Committee and appointed by the Executive Committee. The duration of appointment of Committee Members shall be in accordance with By­Law 12, namely an initial appointment of up to 6 years, which may be followed by a term of up to three years (a further term of 3 years being allowed if a member of the committee is appointed Chairman). Further service is permissible only after a gap. A Member who comes off the committee can be appointed, by the committee, for a three­year term as an Associate Member, and this appointment can be renewed.


Terms of Reference

  • To aid communication, dissemination and codification of biochemical information by encouraging scientists to use generally understood terminology, to consider the nomenclature, classification and symbolic representation of compounds and processes of biochemical interest, and where appropriate, to make recommendations.
  • In considering nomenclature problems and developing recommendations, NC­IUBMB shall seek expert opinion, consult with JCBN, and, where appropriate, seek the views of editors, in order to reach the widest possible consensus.
  • Before publication of any recommendations as an IUBMB document, NC­IUBMB shall obtain approval of the IUBMB Executive Committee. NC­IUBMB may, in addition, issue Newsletters and supplements to `Enzyme Nomenclature’; this is not publication of IUBMB documents, but NC­IUBMB will normally consult with the IUBMB Executive Committee about such issues.
  • NC­IUBMB shall normally hold an annual meeting of its regular Members, concurrently with JCBN and with the approval of the IUBMB Executive Committee.
  • Associate Members will receive all documents of NC­IUBMB and their opinion will be sought by correspondence. An Associate Member may attend any meeting of NC­IUBMB but his/her expenses will not be defrayed by IUBMB unless he/she has been invited as an observer under item 10. 6. NC­IUBMB shall be entitled to invite observers from other committees and experts in special fields to attend the meeting. The IUBMB Executive Committee shall be asked in advance for permission to defray any expenses that would arise from such an invitation.

EC Meeting SFO
13­15 May 1999