IUBMB Edward John Wood Committee

Terms of Reference of the IUBMB Edward John Wood (The Fund) Committee

  • Be composed of the Chair appointed by the Executive Committee, the Member for Education of the Executive Committee, the Editor¬≠-in-¬≠Chief of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education and two additional members appointed by the Executive Committee.
  • Advertise the activity of The Fund and be proactive in fundraising for The Fund.
  • Select and recommend actions to the Executive Committee in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology education.
  • Coordinate its activities with the IUBMB Committee on Education.
  • Let the Treasurer of the Union handle all financial transactions related to fundraising and sponsorship of activities.
  • Keep records of all its meetings, of the activities it organizes and /or it sponsors and provide regular reports on all such activities to the Executive Committee.
  • Advertise its activities and policies through the IUBMB website and publications of the Union.
  • Ensure that the IUBMB logo is used on all information related to its activities.