Publications Committee

Terms of Reference of the Publications Committee

  • Be composed of the Chair who is a member of the Executive Committee, the editors­in­chief of the IUBMB journals, and the Chair of the Nomenclature Committee in accordance with By­Law 12.
  • Advise the Executive Committee on all matters that concern Publications and appointments to editorial boards.
  • Consider and recommend publication policies for the Union.
  • Conduct negotiations with publishers with respect to publications and make recommendations to the Executive Committee.
  • Coordinate the activities of the editors­in­chief of the Union’s journals


Note that the current portfolio of the Union consists of:

    • IUBMB Life
    • BioFactors
    • Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry
    • Biochemical Education
    • Trends in Biochemical Sciences
    • Molecular Aspects of Medicine
    • The IUBMB Nicholson Metabolic Pathways Charts
    • Enzyme Nomenclature

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