Information Transfer Committee

Terms of Reference of the Information Transfer Committee

  • Be composed of the Chair who is the person responsible for the IUBMB website, the General Secretary of IUBMB, the Member for Publications in the Executive Committee, the Member for IUBMB Congresses and Conferences in the Executive Committee, the Member for Symposia in the Executive Committee and the Member for Education in the Executive Committee.
  • Advise the Executive Committee on all matters that concern the acquisition and dissemination of information about the IUBMB and its activities. Be responsible for the Publicity about IUBMB at IUBMB Congresses, Conferences, Special Meetings and when appropriate ¬≠ other events sponsored by IUBMB (Symposia, ¬≠Workshops and Educational Events).
  • Be responsible that the material published on behalf of IUBMB on the IUBMB website and via other channels conforms to the Statutes and Guidelines defined by the Executive Committee.
  • Coordinate the timely publication and the update of information via the IUBMB website and other channels.
  • Propose to the Executive Committee the Guidelines that apply for the organizers of IUBMB sponsored events concerning the announcement and the publicity of these events.
  • Define the rules that apply for the publication on the IUBMB website of Activities that are not sponsored by IUBMB (Miscellaneous Meetings).
  • Keep contact with the Adhering and Associate Adhering Bodies, the Regional Organizations and the Associated Organizations to assure the accuracy of the member databases.

EC 2006