International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Geographical Restriction of Sponsorship by IUBMB

The Executive Committee has agreed unanimously that the IUBMB will only support activities in areas of the world that adhere to the Union as full or associate Adhering Bodies.

These activities include:

    1. Congresses.
    2. Conferences.
    3. Workshops.
    4. Symposia
    5. Education Workshops and Similar Activities
    6. Supply of Free Publications.
    7. Wood-Whelan Research Fellowships
    8. Young Scientists Travel Awards

All organizations and individuals resident in areas where there is no Adhering Body are ineligible.

This policy in no way affects the ongoing ability of bona fide scientists from any geographical area to attend any IUBMB-sponsored activity.

This policy will take effect as of January 1,1999. All officers of IUBMB have been requested not to make any commitments that go against this Policy until that date.

The recommendation was formulated with the following considerations in mind:

    • Because of the Union's limited resources these should be restricted to the family.
    • A knowledge of this policy will be a spur to countries that do not presently adhere to make application. It costs them nothing to become an associate.
    • The more members in the Union the more international and representative the Union becomes.
    • A policy of unrestricted use of funds gives no incentive to any Society to join the Union.

6 August 1998