International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Guidelines for Organizing IUBMB Advanced Schools

IUBMB has established the concept of promoting and sponsoring Advanced Schools in Asia, Africa and Central/South America. Advanced training of Ph.D. students and young postdocs in the field of biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology is at the basis of a sustained scientific development in these areas. Europe has realized such a goal with the institution of the Spetses Schools, an already classical Institution that has contributed to a high degree to the scientific development of basic biological sciences in Europe. The goal of this project is to offer similar opportunities to young scientists working outside Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.

Organizers have to complete the appropriate IUBMB Application Form, which can be retrieved from the download area of the IUBMB homepage. They should consider gender as well as science and society issues in establishing scientific programs. They are also encouraged applying to other funding organizations that support similar activities. Finally, they are obliged to use the IUBMB logo and quote the activity as an “IUBMB Advanced School” in all printed and electronic materials.

Responsible organizer(s) should provide the following details in the application:

  1. Title, dates and location.
  2. Attendance. The Advanced School should have 50-60 participants. The ratio of young scientists to lecturers should be approximately 4:1.
  3. Scientific program. An adequate program (lectures, training sessions, open discussions) should be developed for a period of 5-7 working days. Social activities should be planned as well.
  4. Budget. The organizer(s) should provide a detailed budget in US $. IUBMB contribution is up to a maximum of 20,000 $.
  5. The main organizer has to submit a CV of maximal 2 pages


The application deadline for Advanced Schools for the following calendar year is April 1st and for invited revised applications, September 1st.


A report should be sent to the Liaison Member for Congresses and Conferences and to the Treasurer no later than three months after the conclusion of the Advanced School.

The report should include: a) the detailed scientific program, b) a list (including nationality) of the young scientists and lecturers who participated & c) the detailed budget.


should be sent to the Liaison Member for IUBMB Congresses and Conferences

Dr. Efstathios S. Gonos
National Hellenic Research Foundation
Institute of Biological Research and Biotechnology
48 Vas. Constantinou Ave., Athens 11635
Phone: +30-210-7273756
Fax: +30-210-7273677
e-mail: sgonos[at]eie[dot]gr

Application and Report Forms for Download