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"The Biochemical Basis of Life"

Berlin, Germany, Estrel Convention Center
4 - 9 July 2015

MCI Deutschland GmbH
MCI - Berlin Office
Markgrafenstr. 56
0117 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)30 20 45 90
Fax: +49 (0)30 20 45 950
E-Mail: febs2015[at]mci-group[dot]com

Hyderabad, India
27-30 November 2015

E-Mail: faobmb2015[at]ccmb.res[dot]in


Report on 14th FAOBMB Congress held in Hyderabad, India, in November 2015

Leann Tilley (retiring delegate from Australia) has prepared a report on the recent FAOBMB Congress in Hyderabad.

To view the Congress report, please go to the link at:


Report on the YSP event in Hyderabad associated with the 14th FAOBMB Congress in Hyderabad

This report has been written by two participants in the YSP, Ashfaqul Hoque and Yogesh Khandokar, who are both carrying out research for their PhD degrees in Australia.

The direct link to the report can be found at: