International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Young Scientists Program 2006 (YSP)

In Birmingham, in Montreal and in Kyoto, in conjunction with the IUBMB Congresses held in 2000, 2003 and 2006 young scientists were encouraged to apply for fellowships to cover a major part of their travel and living expenses.

Around 100 fellows were selected from the applicants by a Committee. These young scientists were invited to attend both the IUBMB Congress and a special meeting where they could describe their research work via a poster or an oral presentation and discuss their results.

The list of young scientists invited to Kyoto in 2006 (see below) shows an interesting balance in research experience (Ph.D. students vs. post-doctoral fellows), gender and geographical origin. For many of them it was the first international meeting they had a chance to attend.

Considering the success of this program, a YSP will also be organized in conjunction with the IUBMB Congress 2009 in Shanghai. Details will be posted on this website in 2008.

Support for the Young Scientists Program in Kyoto was provided by the Lars Ernster Travel Fund of IUBMB, by general funds from IUBMB and by the meeting organisers.

The posters of these 6 awardees marked with (*) were selected (Best Presentation Award) for an oral presentation on the last morning of the YSP.