International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Wood Whelan Awardees 2010

The fellowships are listed in the following format:

Title and Duration of a Research Project
Recipient (Award in US$)Host supervisor

Characterization of human recombinant antibodies anti-Trypanosoma cruzi
3 months

Leticia Niborski (1400)
Institute of Genetic Engineering & Molecular
Biology Research (INGEBI)
Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Chagas Disease
Vuelta de Obligado 2490
2nd Floor
Capital Federal
Buenos Aires

E-mail: niborski[at]dna.uba[dot]ar

Dr. Valeria Judkowski
Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies
San Diego

E-mail: vjudkowski[at]tpims[dot]org

Treatment for Muscular Dystrophies – Effect of Curcumin on muscle force generation
1 month

Rajakumar Dhanarajan (1900)
Neurochemistry Laboratory
Department of Neurological Sciences
Christian Medical College
Vellore – 632 004
Tamil nadu

E-mail: dhanurajan[at]hotmail[dot]com

Prof. Gabriella Piazzesi
Physiology Laboratory
Department of Animal Biology and Genetics ‘Leo Pardi’
University of Florence
Polo Scientifico di Sesto Fiorentino
Via G. Sansone 1
50019 – Sesto Fiorentino – Florence

E-mail : gabriella.piazzesi[at]unifi[dot]it

The role of the chemokine CCL2 on migration and activation of microglial cells and leukocytes in the central nervous system
3 months

Javier Soria (3000)
Facultad de Ciencias Quimicas
Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
Haya de la Torre y Medina Allende
Ciudad Universitaria – X5000HUA

E-mail: javiersoria[at][dot]ar

Prof. Sergio Lira
The Leona M. & Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust Professor of Immunology
Co-Director, Immunology Institute
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
1425 Madison Ave. Box 1630 Room 12-20
New York
NY 10029

Fission of vesicles from the Trans Golgi Network of the cell surface in non-polarized epithelial cells
3 months 15 days

Maria Lujan Masseroni (US $2500)
Medical Research Institute

E-mail: lu.masseroni[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Alberto M Diaz Anel
Investigador Adjunto Conicet
Instituto de Investigacion Medica
Mercedes y Martin Ferreyra
Friuli 2434, Barrio Parque Velez Sarsfield
Republica Argentina

E-mail : adiazanel[at]immf.uncor[dot]edu

Generation and characterization of diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies against activated forms of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor-3
1 month

Dariia Volkova (2200)
Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics
150 Zabolotnogo str.

E-mail: drvlkv[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. G. Ritter
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
605 Third Avenue
New York
NY 10158

E-mail : ritterg[at]mskcc[dot]org

Rebound effect after short systemic targeted therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma
2 months

Syamantak Majumder (3000)
AU-KBC Research Centre
MIT Campus
Anna University
Chennai – 600044
Tamil Nadu
E-mail: syamantak.majumder[at]gmail[dot]com

Prof. Jean-François Dufour
Institut für Klinische Pharmakologie
Universität Bern
Hepatologisches Ambulatorium
Murtenstrasse 21/Postfach 49
3010 Bern

New connections between chromatin structure and pre-mRNA splicing process
3 months

Ignacio Schor (1500)
Laboratorio de Fisiologia y Biologia Molecular
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales
University of Buenos Aires (FCEyN-UBA) – IFIBYNE (CONICET-UBA)
Ciudad Universitaria
2do. Piso. Buenos Aires
E-mail: ieschor[at]fbmc.fcen.uba[dot]ar

Prof. Angus I Lamond
Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation & Expression
University of Dundee
College of Life Sciences
MSI/WTB/JBC Compex Dow Street Dundee
DD1 5EH Scotland UK

E-mail : angus.[at][dot]uk

Analysis of the nuclear proteome of Arabidospsis phyA phyB cry1 cry2 mutant
3 months

Ana Romina Fox (2200)
Soldado de la Independencia 810
Capital Federal (1426)

E-mail : fox[at]dna.uba[dot]ar

Dr. Benedetta Mattei
Dipartimento di Biologia e Biotecnologie ‘C. Darwin’
Universita di Roma ‘La Sapienza’
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5
00185 Roma

E-mail : benedetta.mattei[at]uniroma1[dot]it

Determine the differences in the phytohormones levels (ABA, IAA, JA, ET, ACC) in orange plants (Citrus sinensis) during different types of biotic stress
1 month

Silvana Petrocelli (1300)
Instituto de Biologia Molecular y Celular  de Rosario – IBR
Facultad de Cs. Bioquimicas y Farmaceuticas
Universidad Nacional de Rosario

E-mail : petrocelli[at][dot]ar

Dr. Aurelio Gomez Cadenas
Caledratico Universidad
Director del Departamento de Ciencias Agranisa

E-mail : Aurelio.gomez[at]uji[dot]es

Biofilm formation under continuous flow
3 months

Nicolas Federico Vozza (2000)
Av. Patricias Argentinas 435
Lab 204
Buenos Aires

E-mail : nicolas.vozza[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Soren Molin
Technical University of Denmark
Department of Systems Biology
Soltofts Plads
Building 221
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
E-mail : sm[at]bio.dtu[dot]dk

Biofilm formation under continuous flow
1 month

Katrin Niisuke (US $ 1300)
Av. Mistral 69, Principal-1

E-mail : katrin.niisuke[at]gmail[dot]com

Prof. J. Zierath
Karolinksa Institutet
Integrative Physiology
Von Eulers vag 4a, IV
SE-171 77 Stockholm

Molecular characterization of membrane estrogen receptor: Interaction with trophic factor receptors in male embryonic hypothalamic neurons
3 months

Maria Julia Scerbo Jaureguiberry (2900)
Institute of Medical Research Mecedes y Martin Ferreyra
Friuli 2436
B Parque Velez Sarsfield
E-mail: jscerbo[at][dot]ar

Prof. Luis M. Garcia-Segura
Research Professor
Instituto Cajal, CSIC
Avenida Doctor Arce 37
28002 Madrid

Pseudomonas extremaustralis Biofilm: characteristics and physiological importance
3 months

Tribelli Paula Maria (2500)
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Universitaria (1428)
Buenos Aires

E-mail : paulatrib[at]qb.fcen.uba[dot]ar

Dr. Anthony Hay
Associate Professor of Microbiology
Department of Microbiology
Cornell University