International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Wood Whelan Awardees 2003

The fellowships are listed in the following format:


Title and duration of a research project
Recipient (Award in US$)Host supervisor


Evolution of CRIT, a complement blocking protein from human and Schistosoma (2 months)
Sigran Lange (796)
Institute for Experimental Pathology
University of Iceland
Keldur v. Vesturlandsveg
112 Reykjavik
E-mail: sigrunl[at]hi[dot]is
Jameel Inal
University Hospital Basel
Immunonephrology, Department of Research
Hebelstrasse 20
4031 Basel
E-mail: Jameel.Inal[at]unibas[dot]ch
Imaging analysis of a role for a novel protein Kinesin Related Protein in intracellular trafficking of the estrogen receptor (7 weeks)
Galina Luboshits (829)
Department of Cell and Develop. Biology
Sackler School of Medicine
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv 69978
E-mail: galileo[at][dot]il
Gordon Hage
NCI center for Cancer Research, NIH
Bldg 41 room B602
41 Library Dr. MSC 5055
Bethesda MD 20892-5055
E-mail: hagerg[at]exchange.nih[dot]gov
Investigation on EFG-stimulated epithelial to mesenchyme trasition: Effects of overexpression of RASSflc and/or Usp2-69 in NBT-II cell line (1 month)
Natalia Gousseva (1623)
Molecular Biosciences Department
John Curtin School of Medical Researc
Australia National University
Canberra 2601
E.mail: Natalia.Gousseva[at][dot]au
Brigitte Boyer
Institut Curie
Laboratoire Raymond LATARJET
Centre Universitaire
91405 Orsay Cedex
Fax: 01 69 07 45 25