International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Past Symposia 2015

IUBMB Biennial Workshop on emerging concepts of the neuronal cytoskeleton

Puerto Varas, Chile
22-26 March 2015

Dr. Christian Gonzalez-Billault
e-mail: chrgonza[at]uchile[dot]cl

The Third South American Symposium in Signal Transduction and Molecular Medicine - IUBMB Symposium on Cell Signaling - SISTAM 2015

Bariloche, Argentina
2-6 April 2015

Dr. Omar Adrian Coso
e-mail: ocoso[at]fbmc.fcen.uba[dot]ar

IUBMB Symposium "FeS 2015 - Iron Sulfur Cluster Biogenesis and Regulation"

Bergamo, Italy
15-18 June 2015

Dr. Francesco Bonomi
e-mail: Francesco.bonomi[at]unimi[dot]it

ICGEB DNA Tumour Virus Meeting

Trieste, Italy
21-25 July 2015

Dr. Lawrence Banks
e-mail: banks[at]icgeb[dot]org  

Translation Cancer Research

Cape Town, South Africa
12-16 October 2015

Dr. Luiz Zerbini
e-mail: luiz.zirbini[at]icgeb[dot]org