International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Past Symposia 2014

Linking genome structure and evolution to gene expression

Venice, Italy

12-14 May 2014


Prof. Giorgio Bernardi

e-mail: Giorgio.bernardi[at]uniroma3[dot]it

Modern biotechnological advances for human health

Bucharest, Romania

20-22 May 2014


Dr. Mihaela Paun

e-mail: bahhconference2014[at]gmail[dot]com

IUBMB Symposium on the molecular basis of disease

Cape Town, South Africa

6-9 July 2014


Prof. Sharon Prince

e-mail: Sharon.prince[at][dot]za

The New York Academy of Sciences

July 31, 2014

18th International Symposium on flavins and flavoproteins - an IUBMB Symposium

Petchabury, Thailand

27 July - 1 August


Prof. Pimchai Chaiyen or Kittisak Thotsaporn

e-mail: pimchai.cha[at][dot]th or[at][dot]th

XIVth Symposium on proteases, inhibitors and biological control

Portoroz, Slovenia

6-10 September 2014


Prof. Boris Turk

e-mail: boris.turk[at]ijs[dot]si 

11th International Symposium on resistance arteries: from molecular machinery to clinical challenges

Alberta, Canada

7-11 September 2014


Dr. Donald Wesh

e-mail: dwelsh[at]ucalgary[dot]ca

IUBMB Symposium on mitochondrial physiology - a point/counterpoint meeting (MiP2014)

University Centre Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria

8-12 September


Prof. Dr. Erich Gnaiger

e-mail: erich.gnaiger[at]mitophysiology[dot]org

IUBMB Symposium on the dynamic networks of tRNA protein community - a session of the 35th tRNA Conference

Kyllini Peloponnese, Greece

21-25 September 2014


Prof. Constantinos Stathopoulos and Prof. Denis Drainas

e-mail: trna2014[at]era[dot]gr or cstath[at]med.upatras[dot]gr or drainas[at]med.upatras[dot]gr

Ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins at the crossroads from chromatin to protein

Buenos Aires, Argentina

19-24 October 2014


Dr. Federico Pelisch

email: fpelisch[at]gmail[dot]com

From glucose to glycogen and back

Florida, USA

14 November 2014


Prof. Angelo Azzi

e-mail: angelo.azzi[at]tufts[dot]edu